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About the College Town Network

About the College Town Network

"We’ve found that our users get the most value out of the site when they are at the point of decision-making in planning their time in college towns. As an online resource, it makes planning a day, weekend, or vacation easy," says Greg Woodman, CEO of the site's parent company, Affinity Connection Inc.. "The College Town Network has the details and insider information on everything and anything a visitor needs to know... and if there’s anything we missed, write and tell us and we’ll add it to the site."
"The College Town Network caters to those planning a good time in American college towns. We offer the inside scoop on local events and attractions. Our strong suit is the convenience factor in helping users find out about the best available leisure activities around here -- what's happening, and when, where, and how much it costs," says Woodman.  The site is constantly updated with the latest entertainment and recreation news, so users are encouraged to check often for new information and updates.

The College Town Network is a division of Affinity Connection Inc., a State College, PA, based firm with a 40-year history of serving the marketing and fundraising needs of alumni and membership organizations and non-profits across the country.  Woodman, a Penn State graduate, has more than 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneurial marketer and heads up both companies.

Woodman also headed Happy Valley Promotions for a decade, where he founded and published Experience Happy Valley magazine and the Penn State Football Annual, and co-founded Blue White Illustrated. He also created the Stand-Up Joe Paterno poster, and the Are You a Penn Stater guidebook.  In 1991, Woodman founded Pennsylvania Business Central, a business newspaper serving several counties in central Pennsylvania. Recently he served as vice president of marketing at Airwalk, where he helped the company grow more than tenfold to become a global leader in the footwear industry.  In 1984, Woodman was honored as Young Entrepreneur of Pennsylvania, and in 1998 was named as one of the nation's "Power 50" marketers by Advertising Age magazine.

"I started the College Town Network mainly to serve alumni (and all the people who view the their university town area as their Disneyworld)," he says. "I saw an obvious void in the market. At Affinity Connection, we have 400,000 alumni customers who are members of alumni interest groups from the country's top universities and colleges. These people love their college and enjoy coming back to town. It was clear that, in addition to our other services, they needed a site exclusively focused on providing all the information necessary for them to maximize their enjoyment of these college towns."

“We promote college towns as the entertainment destination they truly are.  We are all about planning your FUN and nothing else.”